Saturday, June 7, 2008

Not Smoking equals LOADS OF MONEY!

This isn't a "smoking is bad for your health" blog, but it is a quit smoking to retire early blog. I just wanted to show how much you can save by not buying that expensive pack of cigarettes every day. For the people who don't smoke, think about something that you buy almost every day that you could live without.

Ok I don't smoke, but I know that a pack of cigarettes that isn't an off brand is getting more and more expensive. So I am going to estimate that a pack is $4.49 and that the smoker I'm talking to smokes one pack a day.

Now let's say you stop and start saving $4.49/day about 30 days a month = around $135/month

$135 a month for 40 years (480 months) at 6% interest.... You could have almost $270,000 in your bank because you quit smoking. I know that cigarette probably makes you feel so good but wouldn't a quarter of a million bucks feel pretty dang good too?

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